Monday, 11 January 2016

Fabulous Friday with #ME... Alison Bevis

It's Friday... hooray!! Hope you have some crafting planned for the weekend - you really need to call into your Local Scrapbooking Store or Kaisercraft outlet and pick up some of the New Release collections... they  are so beautiful and yet still versatile, as I'm going to show you!!
I LOVE the colours and floral patterns immediately but while I was shuffling the papers found there is so much more to love!! The collection is filled with fresh and funky patterns but still has a lovely lace sheet, some pretty flowers and the mix of Black & White are perfect for 'just about anything'!!

Teen Boy Card 

KC CARD male

Teen males are notoriously difficult to create cards for - yes, you can always have Cogs, Stars, Arrows or a bit of Grunge - when I saw the grafitti-style Patterned Paper I figured it was masculine enough and not too girly... and with a bit of foam under some Collectables, stapled together for effect, layered together with the Arrow strip from the Sticker Sheet and then a couple of flicks of the New Apple Mist - done!! You could easily add a cluster of flowers to change it for a teen girl, and that's why it is so versatile!!
Kaisercraft Products : P2036 Belief | P2039 Encourage | CT848 Collectables | SS3005 Sticker Sheet |  CD501 Card Pack - Square - White | KM117 'Apple' Mist |

'Believe' Christmas Card 

KC CARD christmas

I heard you!! ...but it is NEVER too early to start creating your Christmas Cards - never!! While you're creating a layout, OTP or some other cards there is always extra papers you can put together and before you know it... a bunch of Christmas Cards ready to send in December - too easy!!
It was really those hand drawn Stars that had me thinking 'Christmas', and then in amongst the inspirational words of the Collectables packet I found 'Believe', and then there was that beautiful Green lace, and before I knew it a Christmas Card was on my desk!!
Kaisercraft Products : P2036 Belief | P2039 Encourage | CT848 Collectables | SS305 Sticker Sheet | CD501 Card Pack - Square - White | Km117 'Apple' Mist |

Mini Me frame 


I created this frame as a gift (I purchased a little stand so it can stand on a window sill, as a reminder they have come so far) I started by randomly painting Gesso and Crackle over the top layer of the frame and while it was still wet, randomly sprayed Apple, Lime Green and Yellow so as it dried naturally the spray has dried into some lovely patterns. Ususally when I create a frame I individually cover each 'window' with a different paper from the range so it matches but this paper is so visually random I only needed a corner of the sheet. I've used the same 3 sprays to add a little colour to each window and sprinkled other colours too. Layer some specific Collectables and finish with a 'Wicked' flower (Wet the paper bloom with water then touch the end of the petal with the straw from the mist bottle and allow the colour to 'wick', it's a pretty effect which you can use on many flowers) - you could add a little Glitter to the edges of the petals, if you like a bit of sparkle!
Kaisercraft products : P2036 Belief | CT848 Collectables | SS305 Sticker Sheet |SB2284 Mini 5 Frame | F632 Paper Blooms 'Sage' | KM 117 'Apple' Mist | KM104 'Lime Green' Mist | KM103 'Yellow' Mist | Km102 'Antique Gold' Mist |
Other - Derivan Gesso, Crackle Paint

Gumnut Baby Layout


I found these cute photos of our daughter dressed up as a Gumnut Baby - yes, I made the Gumnut hat from covering a balloon with glued papers and threaded hundreds of dried Gum leaves to make a skirt, but, that's another story! When the Decorative Frsames were first released, I thought they would be great on a layout (the ones smaller than 12x12" of course!) So I roughly painted Gesso over the frame and while it was still wet (I do lack 'drying' patience!) sprayed a little Apple and then sprinkled Yellow and Lime Green, so it was not too visible but just enough colour - and then using my finger, but you could use a paintbrush if you prefer, smeared the colours to cover the frame... and then let it dry naturally. I adhered to the Patterned Paper, then continued to add the mounted photos and finished embellishing with Paper Blooms, Collectables and a Chipboard title (just inked in black) - an easy layout, with just a few bits and pieces!
Kaisercraft Products : P2040 Goals | P2035 Positivity | CT848 Collectables | SS305 Sticker Sheet | K9358 Decorative frame | Km117 'Apple' mist |KM104 'Lime Green' Mist | KM103 'Yellow' mist | CB109 Alpha #3 | F633 Paper Blooms 'Sage' |
Other - Derivan Gesso.

The other Collection released this month "True Love" is so pretty!!
...but that's another story...

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