Saturday, 24 November 2018

White with one - Orange Blaze

Yes, another hour, another challenge..
just blogging about it now, whoops!

White with one is such an great way to challenge yourself,
to balance white and just one colour
and get another photo scrapped for an album - hooray!!

The colour for November is

Anyone that knows me,
knows I love copper,
and orange is pretty close..
well, not really but it's an unusually colour that some people find an extra challenge,
so this is what I did...

I added the title 
this young fellow is growing up quickly and is destined for greatness,
he will learn along his journey to be grateful for the unique way he sees the world xx

I started with a white cardstock and stamped some Paper Rose cogs with orange archival ink,
I found some jigsaw puzzle pieces in a couple of different sizes - some had orange ink, some crackle paint, some a bit of both!!
Finished up with a couple of metal cogs, a felt circle and a mini Kaisercraft wooden frame.

Thank you for looking,
Alison xx

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Never Stop Dreaming... Kraft PLus challenge - November 2018


Gosh, who knew having a craft store would mean sooo very little time to actually CRAFT ?

Anyway, I had a holiday at the shop this afternoon and created a layout for the Kraft Plus challenge - Mosaic

The image looks like this,

No automatic alt text available.

I like how all those little tiles square up into a beautiful pattern.
I chose a school photo of one of our great nephews - yes, nearly the end of the school year... and then it will be time for new school photos!!

Our youngest child has know finished school, and while I have a FEW years to catch up on for school photos, it's always nice to scrap someone a photo as a gift to them - preserve memories!!

Kraft cardstock plus -
Stamp Darkroom Door - over the background, across a couple of edges, and so it disappears into the background - yes, it has an image of a couple of older gentleman... this young bloke will grow up one day - along with a bunch of masculine imagery that makes up a 'mosaic' background?
Sofie and Andrew at Scrapmatt's create fabulous designs and this 'Mosaic' design seemed a great fit across the stamping with a little embossing paste.
Stapled some twine vertical on the left,
tucked a tag under the photo on the right to add some journalling,
randomly added paste and crackle to the chipboard swirl,
adhered a title from Little Birdie
a felt circle, a key, a metal corner to the tag and finish with a Kaisercraft Mosaic wood piece!!

The stamping is not perfect,
the grid is not straight,
I put it together still wet
I think it's a fun layout!!

Thank you for visiting,
Alison xx

Friday, 10 August 2018

White with one challenge - August 2018 - Sunny Yellow


It's been awhile since I've had some 'spare' time to do some challenges...
I made some spare time!!

We had a spare page at the shop,
and I found some spare Imaginarium Designs chipboard,
I gathered some spare bits and pieces,
and added some spare Sunny Yellow (well, really a mixture of Seeded Mustard Oxide & Distress)

Celebrate Today

I've had this cute photo of our great nephews and niece for some time in my stash, and I liked the contrast of the yellow with the blues in the photo so I am pleased I found some spare time to scrapbook this memory for our Niece's family album!!

Thank you for visiting,
Alison xx

ps, all products available at my favourite store, The Crafty Chain 

Monday, 16 April 2018

Sketchy Boards challenge - May 2018

and YES!!
It's been awhile since I had a chance to create for a challenge...

so, when Heidi asked us if 
The Crafty Chain
could sponsor the 
Sketchy Boards challenge   
for May, we said Yes!!

There is a great mood board for the Yellow lovers!!

Image may contain: flower, plant and text

You can create a layout, Card or if you prefer something Beyond the Page?
You can use Yellow
or try the sketch?

I don't have a lot of 'spare' time these days so I told Shelley I was going to sit down for about an hour, and this is the result...

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, flower

I found this background patterned paper in out 50cent range - so don't underestimate your stash!!
Gave the yellow cardstock a wide border so you can see the chrysanthemums - the strips cut off from the cardstock were torn and adhere to create a bit of  interest? 
We had this beautiful piece of Scrapmatts chipboard, the oval with flourishes and bonus butterflies (Still have 2 large butterflies for another day!!) I have just randomly inked it with a couple of yellow shades - the same colours were used to stamp the background with a Dare 2 B Artzy set that Paige recently used in her card class - it's really a lovely set!!
I found a large lace bloom and some smaller yellow shades and did a bit of floristry - easy!!

Photo is our cute niece Sienna - she is the youngest in her family, so is totally spoilt with love!!

So grab some YELLOW and have a go, 
we'd love to see your entry,
Alison xx

Saturday, 10 March 2018

All that Glitters is not Gold - update

Yes, an update... and an open letter, of sorts?
Although I don't feel confident to share my inner most thoughts and feelings in a public domain, it helps me to know that I have no secrets or skeletons and that this is the story of MY life!
Life isn't always Butterflies and Rainbows... 

Since my original blog post, I've been overwhelmed with all of the comments on my blog, on my facebook and in person! 
I've had so many hugs, messages of support and kindness shown...
from YOU, my beautiful friends!!

Image may contain: text

As a side note, yes from my friends, not one 'family' member has shown any empathy, compassion nor support... they have spoken of 'my embarrassing them' that 'they didn't think I would do that!' that 'perhaps it's time to forgive' and 'I should just get over it' or there has just been 'silence'.... Wow!! Right? ...such a shallow, immature and unhealthy way?

Image may contain: one or more people, wedding and text

Almost 4 years ago now and I've held a glimmer of HOPE, in light of recent events I have decided I actually don't need such a toxic environment to 'live, love or laugh', our children certainly are still confused how anyone could share a coffee, much less a meal with this type of person or people... I have no answers for them? I have not 'brainwashed' them, they can see for themselves! Just that you cannot see you are being 'groomed' and manipulated... you will, when you open your eyes to the truth!

Image may contain: 1 person, text

The hashtags, the comments, the photos, and the Wordy pictures - make me feel sorry for you!!

Yes, I have been back to Bravehearts - to learn to cope without a 'family'!
No, I didn't write a blog post for the attention... I have plenty of 'attention' in the craft world, and
No, I didn't write your names, but if people can work out who you are and think differently about you, then perhaps your choices are not the best?
Interesting that while you read the comments on my FB, you never comment, and more interesting that when you see the nice things people choose to say about me that you are critical of those comments... while I certainly am not a 'saint', the term used loosely is a compliment, that my 'family' can't even see about me!
I feel sad that you think that once is ok, but 10 times is not - once is the lowest of the low!

I have NOT done the wrong thing here - 

Image may contain: one or more people and text

I am loved by my family of five,
unconditional love,
not the fake type where no one speaks of subjects too difficult or
 just pretends there is no problem.. 

Image may contain: text

So, please go about your 'life', have grandparents for your children, have a step aunt, don't follow up on your 'do something about it', damage our bond permanently, enjoy catching up with your brother or brother-in-law... but, I no longer will allow you to make me feel like this is,
 MY fault,

Ask some questions?
Do some research?
Think about your pieces of the puzzle and add them to mine?

Image may contain: one or more people and text

Closing the door..

for those wondering about my Mum
...Step 9...

Thank you for reading,
Thank you for not judging me,
Thank you,

ps, I am so pleased to be starting the new year... I'm looking forward to making memories with my wonderful husband and children. We have a bunch of plans as a family and will focus on making sure they know how very much they are loved, each and every day... no matter what!


Updated Sunday 11th March 2018
ps, Yes, I wrote this blog post on the last day of 2017... didn't push 'publish' but after Friday's and now Sunday's disappointment with the other side, I am closing the gate and have extinguished the glimmer of hope I have kept glowing..

Thank you for all the lessons learnt, I really do appreciate them all, just wish they didn't hurt my heart so much!