Saturday, 10 March 2018

All that Glitters is not Gold - update

Yes, an update... and an open letter, of sorts?
Although I don't feel confident to share my inner most thoughts and feelings in a public domain, it helps me to know that I have no secrets or skeletons and that this is the story of MY life!
Life isn't always Butterflies and Rainbows... 

Since my original blog post, I've been overwhelmed with all of the comments on my blog, on my facebook and in person! 
I've had so many hugs, messages of support and kindness shown...
from YOU, my beautiful friends!!

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As a side note, yes from my friends, not one 'family' member has shown any empathy, compassion nor support... they have spoken of 'my embarrassing them' that 'they didn't think I would do that!' that 'perhaps it's time to forgive' and 'I should just get over it' or there has just been 'silence'.... Wow!! Right? ...such a shallow, immature and unhealthy way?

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Almost 4 years ago now and I've held a glimmer of HOPE, in light of recent events I have decided I actually don't need such a toxic environment to 'live, love or laugh', our children certainly are still confused how anyone could share a coffee, much less a meal with this type of person or people... I have no answers for them? I have not 'brainwashed' them, they can see for themselves! Just that you cannot see you are being 'groomed' and manipulated... you will, when you open your eyes to the truth!

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The hashtags, the comments, the photos, and the Wordy pictures - make me feel sorry for you!!

Yes, I have been back to Bravehearts - to learn to cope without a 'family'!
No, I didn't write a blog post for the attention... I have plenty of 'attention' in the craft world, and
No, I didn't write your names, but if people can work out who you are and think differently about you, then perhaps your choices are not the best?
Interesting that while you read the comments on my FB, you never comment, and more interesting that when you see the nice things people choose to say about me that you are critical of those comments... while I certainly am not a 'saint', the term used loosely is a compliment, that my 'family' can't even see about me!
I feel sad that you think that once is ok, but 10 times is not - once is the lowest of the low!

I have NOT done the wrong thing here - 

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I am loved by my family of five,
unconditional love,
not the fake type where no one speaks of subjects too difficult or
 just pretends there is no problem.. 

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So, please go about your 'life', have grandparents for your children, have a step aunt, don't follow up on your 'do something about it', damage our bond permanently, enjoy catching up with your brother or brother-in-law... but, I no longer will allow you to make me feel like this is,
 MY fault,

Ask some questions?
Do some research?
Think about your pieces of the puzzle and add them to mine?

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Closing the door..

for those wondering about my Mum
...Step 9...

Thank you for reading,
Thank you for not judging me,
Thank you,

ps, I am so pleased to be starting the new year... I'm looking forward to making memories with my wonderful husband and children. We have a bunch of plans as a family and will focus on making sure they know how very much they are loved, each and every day... no matter what!


Updated Sunday 11th March 2018
ps, Yes, I wrote this blog post on the last day of 2017... didn't push 'publish' but after Friday's and now Sunday's disappointment with the other side, I am closing the gate and have extinguished the glimmer of hope I have kept glowing..

Thank you for all the lessons learnt, I really do appreciate them all, just wish they didn't hurt my heart so much!