Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Tuesday Tips with Alison - Altering Ribbon Roses

Hi Everyone,

Today I would like to share with you a tip on how you can use Kaisercraft Ribbon roses in may different ways.

All you need are Kaisercraft ribbon roses, heatgun, scissors and a wooden skewer to hold your rose.
To make a 'leaf' - cut a green ribbon rose in half, then adhere the cut side together. If you trim on the diagonal it helps with the shape.

Alison - Tuesday Tip -  leaves

Starting from the left top 1st row - the first rose is the standard rose cut off the strip; the next one along has been heated with the heat gun holding the centre with the skewer (start with a hot blast in the centre and then 'work' the heat around to shrink the ribbon and shape it like a bud);  next is a ribbon rose which has a pearl brad in the centre.

2nd row - to make the 1st flower, I hold the back of the rose and 'pull' out lots of strands from the front to make it shabby (or a bit frazzled?); the 2nd flower is the same as the previous one, then heated, the same way as above.

3rd row - here I have pulled the rose apart, making a length of ribbon which is perfect for a cute little bow!

Alison - Tuesday Tip - flowers & bows

With a pearl brad in a standard rose and a couple of 'leaves' it makes a cute addition to a card or a flower cluster.

Alison - Tuesday Tip - leaves example

On this layout, made with Heirloom, I used a ribbon rose with a pearl brad and another of the heated rose (shrunk) in the clusters.

Tuesday Tip - LO example

Below is the heated rose with some ink swiped across the top.

tip flower closeup 1

Below is a ribbon rose with a pearl brad as a centre.

tip flower closeup 2

Hope you'll try some of these ways of altering your ribbon roses.

Be creative, Alison x

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  1. I love how you've altered those rose ribbons, fabulous...thanks for sharing! Gorgeous layout too :)