Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Flowers, Friends and Fun colours - it's Kaisercraft day!!

Hello Friday!!
Hope you've been inspired by all the fabulously clever ladies who've shared projects already this month on the Kaisercraft blog... be sure to keep checking back, there is plenty more to come!!

First up today is...

Story Book

I adore the vintage colours but especially the green, it's such a pretty shade!!

"Life Story" Layout

My lovely friend Toni had these 'old' photos which are so lovely... with a little fussy cutting of the frame paper! A little dig into the stash I found the Clear Stickers, which added a nice accent to her 'Little Black Dress' - I hand rolled the roses from patterned paper (such an easy solution if you don't have the perfect colour of matching Paper Blooms) Finish embellishing with a few Collectables.


Kaisercraft Products : PS446 Bookcovers | P2069 Read | P2065 Library Card | P2068 Bookplates | SS309 Sticker Sheet | CT852 Collectables | ST914 Clear STickers 'Antiques' | ST915 Clear Stickers 'Butterflies' | ST919 Clear stickers 'Script Words' | FL303 Wood Flourish 'Vines' | EM969 Blossom Dahlias (del) | F653 Mini Paper Blooms 'Black' | F661 Paper Blooms 'Black' |

"Love" Frame

My Brother-in-law and Sister-in-law recently celebrated their First Wedding Anniversary... so this little frame will be a nice way to remember the occasion... after they return from their holiday to Hong Kong!!


Kaisercraft Products : SB2363 Trading Card Frame | P2069 Read | P2067 Paperback | P2061 Books | PS446 Book Covers Specialty | CT852 Collectables | EM969 Blossom Dahlias | F661 Mini Paper Blooms 'Black' | F630 Paper Blooms 'Iceberg' |

"A couple of Cards"

Something a little feminine with the greens and something a little masculine with the browns - Collectables are so easy to create some quick layered cards!


Kaisercraft products : CD512 Card pack C6 'Kraft' | CD510 Card Pack C6 'Black' | CT852 Collectables | FL302 'Birdcages' | FL332 'Bookplates Square' | FL569 Wood FLourish '@ #' |

If you prefer fresh designs and on trend colours then perhaps


is more your style?

Finders Keepers

'Wish' layout

My friend Shelley loves Pink! These photos are from her Birthday a couple of years ago, but when I was looking for photos I loved how perfectly the pink cake matched the papers!


Kaisercraft Products : P1989 Curio | PS444 Floral Ticket Specialty | P1990 Admit One | SS308 Sticker Sheet | CT851 Collectables | FL434 Wood Flourish 'Bows' | FL302 Wood Flourish 'Birdcages' | ST919 Clear Stickers 'Delicate Words' | F668 Mini paper blooms 'Hot Pink' | F641 Paper blooms ' Dusty Pink' |

and something for a little boy?
Even with all the pretty pinks, greens and floral patterns, you can still create a layout for the 'small men' - by choosing embellishments and Collectables that are blue, with just a touch of yellow... and the domino's are super cute!

'Happy Smile' layout


Kaisercraft products : P1992 Collectable | P1994 Treasures | P1995 Montage | SS308 Sticker Sheet | CT851 Collectables | CD102 Licorice | ST919 Clear Stickers 'Script Words' | ST913 Epoxy 'Steel' |

'Love you' Card

Sometimes you just need a sweet card, something quick and easy to put together so you can send it away and brighten someone's day - with a little patterned paper, a few Collectables and a couple of paper blooms!! Send a handmade card to someone who would not be expecting it... you might just make their day!!


Kaisercraft products : P1990 Admit One | P1997 Medley | CD501 Card Pack Square 'White' | CT851 Collectables | F668 Mini paper blooms 'Hot Pink' | F641 Paper blooms 'Dusty Pink' |

'So Lucky'  Card

This Collection is fresh and the fun images make some cute cards for kids - girls or boys!!


Kaisercraft products : P1997 Medley | CT851 Collectables | ST913 Epoxy 'Steel' | ST910 Epoxy 'Sunshine' |

'Christmas Tag Album'

Not everyone loves the traditional Christmas patterns and imagery so I thought by utilising the Greens and Reds in the patterned papers, Sticker Sheet and Collectables, a modern decor item is created with a twist...



and the tryptich..


Kaisercraft products : P1993 Treat | P1991 Snapshot | P 1990 Admit One | P1997 Medley | SS308 Sticker Sheet | CT851 Collectables | SB2359 Large Tag Album | FL461 Wood Flourish 'Peace' | EM405 Paper Doilies | ST918 Clear stickers 'Lacey Borders' | ST920 Clear stickers 'Merry Christmas' | EM999 Timeless 'black' ribbon pack | F650 Mini paper blooms 'Olive' |

No!! It's never too early to start on your Christmas decor items... never!! While you have all those leftover 'reds & greens' you could even whip up a couple of Christmas Cards to add to your stash too!!
Alison x


  1. you're far too quiet miss Alison...these projects are divine...and they really are gorgeous...so creative and stunning work xxx